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The second picture shows the new tower called “One the Elephant” going up at the Elephant & Castle and also the master plan for the replacement for the Heygate Estate. They are on the hoardings of the new tower development. The Heygate is also shown in my pictures. It is now empty but for two last residents who are still arguing over their compulsory purchase price that Southwark Council is offering. The final go-ahead was given last week by Pickles and Southwark say they now intend to re-posses these two via the bailiffs. The architect at Make that did the master plan says he first worked at it when the Make staff were still at Fosters and so he has now been working on it for 14 years. As you can see on the photo, the replacement will not be finished until 2025 which would make this a 26 year development! Despite the concerns that are being expressed that the new Heygate is already being marketed in China and that people did not get their fair compensation, it is now high time that the demolition of the Heygate was started in earnest and the new homes built.

Another new tower of 44 floors was announced last week for the Elephant – one that is to be totally for private rent and the plans are that it will be started by end March 2014.

Given that the Elephant is not much more than 10 minutes walk from Waterloo, I am sure that in due course it will start to become a highly desirable and sought after location.

The old, early 19Century (?) houses in Lambeth just immediately south of Waterloo East, are lovely – many of the streets are car free – and it is like being in a time warp.

The new blue glass tower in Blackfriars Road was originally set to be 14 floors, but after planning went ahead for the new Ian Simpson tower (50 floors) over the road at 1 Blackfriars (now under construction – well the site offices are being built and the foundations done) they upped it to 19 floors.

In another part of London – Neasden – an area I once lived in during my first job – is the Neasden Temple which is the largest Hindu temple outside of India. I shall probably go back and photograph it again. And for anybody who enjoys less salubrious views, is the recycling plant at Willesden Junction.