The January Set of my London photos is now available at

There is not much to say about this set, except Happy New Year and, perhaps “Rain, rain go away, come again another day”, because it has been (and continues to be) exceptionally difficult to find dry weather in which to take the camera out. What with this dreadful weather and the Christmas and New Year break, the last time I went and took photos was on 14th December and some were as long ago as 26 November – which now sounds like a quite a while ago.

All of the photos in this set come from either the Southbank or just off the Southbank.

The first one of Southwark Cathedral tower is an older snap, taken in January 2011 – already available elsewhere on my Flickr site – but which I have moved to be with the ones I have most recently taken of the inside of the cathedral.

The photos of the City from the Queens Walk of the Southbank are taken some on a (rare) sunny day and some just as it was starting to get dark – done by hand, as use of a tripod in this very busy area does not render one as exactly popular!

There is one photo of the skateboard park under the National Theatre area – and this is likely to be subject to redevelopment, though some recent changes to the plans allow for the continued use of skateboarding.

There are several photos of Hays Galleria, as the filled-in Hays Wharf is now called. It’s all a very pleasant and attractive development and the sculpture in the middle is called the ‘Navigator’ and is by David Kemp who lives in West Cornwall and has produced many well-known public sculptures – usually made from old scrap materials.

There are a couple of photos of the Shard – one in full view, taken with a wide angle lens. The Shard is, of course, the nowadays much taller near neighbour of Southwark Cathedral – just as Borough Market is the immediately adjacent Cathedral neighbour. I always think it looks cheerfully medieval seeing the stalls of the market spill out of the covered area, right up to the cathedral walls. I have only one photo of Borough Market itself – on the day that I was there, just ten days before Christmas it was heaving with foodies and almost impossible to take photographs.

Hoping for some dry weather soon!