July Photos

West London is Shepherds Bush Market which occupies just a small alleyway and under the rail arches off the Uxbridge Road in Shepherds Bush.
East London is Stratford – an area subject to huge further changes now that the Olympics have been over for some time.
God is one of the City churches and Mammon one or two of the money making spots of the City.

Shepherds Bush Market is small but very densely packed with stalls and very busy with people – especially on a Saturday afternoon.

Stratford, post the Olympics, continues to grow and expand as an area for people to live. One photograph shows the growing number of residential towers that are going up, and there are four more that are either under construction or ready to start later this year. One – due to start construction in September – has already fully sold! One of the ones under construction can be seen in my photograph of Stratford Bus Station. The area will have something of a ‘mini-Manhattan’ appearance in a few years time. They are springing up because of the excellent transport links from Stratford Station and the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Within the Olympic Park, in addition to the former Olympic Village – now being converted to housing – there are to be a further 1,500 new homes, together with facilities like new schools and so on. This is undoubtedly the best example of a sustainable Olympic facility that the World has seen. You can use the Olympic swimming pool – just as a local pool – I think it costs just £4.50. The skateboard facility and the Velodrome are all available for everyday use. Lots of new trees have been planted in the park and this is just next door to the Westfield shopping centre. Only the Stadium (to become the home stadium for West Ham) remains to come back into use. Work is underway and this will complete by 2016.
The photo I have of the new John Lewis store and to its left the new Unite student tower: well the student tower has just been entered in to Building Design’s “Carbuncle Cup” for 2014 – to name the worst new building. (You will need to register with Building Design to be able to read all about it.) I do notice that Building Design’s photo of the student tower is much less favourable than mine – but I admit it is hardly a new Oxbridge college!

However there are the usual London problems of growing property prices: at the start of June some of the prices of the new flats in the park increased overnight by £60K!

The Church that I have photographed in the City is the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary. This was a medieval church – destroyed in the Fire in 1666 and rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren’s master builders in 1679-1682. It is especially notable for its beautiful vaulted ceilings.
The other views of the City include Lombard Street – which with all the hanging bank signs always looks a bit Swiss – except, of course for the Walkie Talkie looming at the end of the street.
One of the City views is of the Broadgate tower and to the left of the photo some yellow hoardings board off an area that will soon have another new major tower – and more of that in my next post.