August Photos

The Bells of Shoreditch are those of St Leonard’s Church in Shoreditch High Street, on the corner of Hackney Road. The church doesn’t look like a particularly rich London Church, but Shoreditch generally is undoubtedly becoming a rich area – sometimes almost too fashionable for its own good.

A penthouse apartment in one of the new towers nearest to the City will set you back about £4M and a modernised two bedroom place in somewhere like Curtain Road will be about £1.5M.

The City Towers move ever Eastward and one of my photographs shows the site of the 50-storey Principal Tower (Normal Foster – architect) for which the foundation works are just starting. This is a site that got stalled by the recession, but with the injection of some new capital, it is now going ahead. In addition to the residential tower it has been reported that Amazon are thinking of this location for their new UK HQ and so the associated commercial tower (of 15 storeys) will probably now also go ahead. You can see at whom the residential tower might be aimed on the “Sale Registration” web Principal Tower with its tabs of English, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

A short distance East of Principal Tower will be another new tower on the site where I have photographed Peter the Pleater – a manufacturer of blinds – now part of This is the planned site of the 40 storey The Stage. This particular tower is unusual in that the site has been assembled by one family business over 20 years – rather than one of the larger corporations. There will be retail at ground level so maybe will still be there when the development is done.

I have a number of photos of the Arnold Circus area called the Boundary Estate which is the oldest set of local authority housing in the UK. The original slums in this area were demolished in about 1890. There is talk that the police would only patrol this are in those days on horseback. Some more information about this is available in Wikipedia

Finally on Shoreditch Church: There are notices all over the churchyard warning against ‘tramps’ – this is because some years back the church became embroiled in a battle royale against tramps who virtually took over the church – see this edition of the Telegraph