October Photos

This month’s photos are all on just one street: Chiltern Street in Marylebone. This is a street that has over the last three years been massively improved and upgraded and is now a premier fancy shopping street.

It is the street where the Chiltern FireStation is situated – and you can just see this reflected in one of my photos. On 27 June, the Guardian restaurant review said of the FireStation for atmosphere “depends who’s in Sweetie” – and at £75 a head it certainly won’t be me!

This is going to be just a short posting this month – well there’s not a lot you can add about my photos of the shops of Chiltern Street – and it is caused by having been busy with a seminar and exhibition for an excellently organised show for old fogies organised by the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

But a footnote: I am pleased to see that the new Student Centre at LSE by the Dublin architects O’Donnell and Tuomey has won the 2015 RIBA Gold Medal – there are two photos of it in my March posting.