Canary Wharf revisted – Photos

It turns out to be some four years since I have got off at Canary Wharf station and walked around – although during the last four years I have taken lots of photographs of Canary Wharf from the Thames Path between the O2 and Deptford.
I noticed two things since my last visit: firstly the amount of sophisticated facilities – such as restaurants and shopping centres that have been established, and secondly the large amount of new construction taking place. Long gone are the days when Canary Wharf was sort of just an out-of-town office park. Much of the new construction is residential. Only about two weeks ago, the final (Mayoral) approval for a new 68 floor residential tower was given, though it was originally meant to be 72 floors. The architect is Norman Foster

Some of the new buildings are offices – my photo showing a large mobile crane is on the site of two new office blocks – one of which is large and will be 37 floors. But, for example the photo I have of the O2 which is pretty much a carbon copy of one I took in 2011 – except that the two new residential towers now obscure much of the dome of the O2.

One of my photos shows the new Baltimore Tower under construction – a 45 storey residential skyscraper. If you want to see what it will look like you can take a peek at the developer website.

Finally – nothing to do with Canary Wharf – this month is UK Election month. I continue to think that not one of the mainstream parties has got an iota of a serious policy for housing, despite a number of half-baked ideas from some of them that sound as if they were cooked up the night before. Sooner or later, in London especially, this is going to lead to housing problems of major proportions – earlier this week Shelter were claiming that at the moment there were only 43 homes affordable to average first time buyers in London.