Bermondsey – Photos

Since last month we had photos of bridges, I thought I would equally start this month with a bridge – a bridge that might have been called Bermondsey Bridge, were it not for the much older and more famous Tower of London on the other side of the river…

The present day Bermondsey is a product of its history as well as the efforts of the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) – that brainchild of Lord Heseltine that has done such a very great deal to radically improve so much of London’s dockland areas. Bermondsey was the first of the major improvements LDDC undertook and was handed over to Southwark Council in 1994. The final LDDC handover report for Bermondsey can be found at LDDC

I start off with a picture of Battle Bridge Lane – just off Tooley Street, down by the side of Hay’s Galleria and leading to Southwark Crown Court. Then followed by a picture of one of the former tanneries that used to be part of Bermondsey. It must have been a very smelly area – there is nothing pleasant about the stink of a tannery. I have not lived near a tannery but have lived near a sheep skin factory and the smell and predilection for large numbers of rodents is substantial. This was certainly at one time a very poor part of London and a later photograph shows one of the buildings of Devonshire House – originally built to house some of the very poorest residents of the area.

My fourth photo is of the backstreet motor repair service of R W Autos in Morocco Street – a place that, I understand used one time to be a ferriers.

Many of the photos are of the former warehouses of the docks now converted into apartment buildings but fortunately retaining the original splendid structures.

I have two photos of St James’s Church – just off Jamaica Road. In 1839 one of the founders of the church left £500 in his will for a painting of the Ascension for the Church. A competition was held and many of the entrants were Royal Academicians – but an entirely unknown artist called John Wood won. The Times hoped that John Wood would be elected to the Academy – but he never was.

Finally – a picture of the City Where the Posh Boys work

Note: there will be no publication in August. The next edition will be 1st September.

PS and nothing to do with Bermondsey: I went to take some photos in the City a couple of weeks ago and gave up in less than half an hour – it was just too busy to be able to snap any buildings. London is becoming so busy, especially during the summer months. I caught a bus that went past St Paul’s and you could not see any of the main entrance steps for people sitting eating their lunches.