Carshalton and (some of) the City – Photos

Carshalton is part of the London Borough of Sutton – and about 20 to 30 minutes walk from Sutton town centre. Carshalton “town centre” is not very exciting nor very photogenic but Carshalton Ponds – adjacent to the town centre is the quintessential English village centre. I have taken quite a few photos of Carshalton Ponds including one of one of the Great Trees of London – the Great Plane of Carshalton.

Carshalton is a white working class/lower middle class district. I have photographed the War Memorials and as with all such War Memorials the names are very English names. I have in the past taken photos of War Memorials in Soho and in Southall – and I show them in this album. If ever the dreadful conflicts of the First and Second World Wars were to happen again (heaven forbid) the War Memorial in Soho would be mostly Chinese names (it’s in Chinatown) and that in Southall would be Indian, but the one in Carshalton would likely still be full of English names.

Carshalton with its village centre make a nice contrast to the second lot of photos for this month – the City.

My first City photo is of the Principal Tower starting to go up. This is a new 50-storey residential tower designed by Norman Foster, situated just past the Eastern end of the Broadgate development over the Liverpool Street rail line.
Next I have photo of the side of the Bank of England where I was lucky and managed to get a clear shot uninterrupted by either people or traffic.

The sculpture Charity is by Damian Hirst and is part of Sculpture in the City 2015 – a series of large outdoor sculptures scattered all over the City.
The picture showing the interior of Liverpool Street Station shows the extent to which most of the Broadgate development is built over the rail lines going in to the Station. I very much like the new building in the midst of Broadgate by the architectural practice Make. This is the practice started by Ken Shuttleworth – the architect of the Gherkin – who has recently said that his inspiration is Salisbury Cathedral.
The first of the pictures of the Leadenhall Tower is of the elevator shafts at the back of the building. The second – a few photos later – shows, if you look carefully, the temporary holders – a bit like the things you use on top of your car to hold stuff on the luggage rack – to hold those of the bolts that have been found to be faulty. These contained too much hydrogen in the steel mix and are slowly being replaced. The cost of this fault is said to be £6M.
Worsnip Street – which shows the bridge over the railway lines into Liverpool Street Station is the street that separates the Eastern end of Broadgate from the new Principal Tower. Norton Folgate opposite (the continuation of Bishospgate) is covered in graffiti as it is the subject of a controversial potential development.

There are some further pics of Broadgate and some that are of the new developments in the Barbican – replacing some of the formerly empty 1960s blocks that have been awaiting re-development for some time.
The one of Appold Street – which represents the northern perimeter of the Broadgate development shows a set of Boris Bikes which are now sponsored by Santander, rather than Barclays.
There is one of St Helen’s Church – which I have yet failed to photograph inside – every time I am there it seems to be a closed day.

Finally one of a quite nice looking sandwich bar down a street called Telegraph Street – just off Moorgate. I am not sure from the sign if the sandwich bar also does haircuts?