Hackney Wick to Stratford, Kentish Town to St Pancras – Photos

A bit of a mix!
Two (not very long) walks – each starting from a particular station on the London Overground.

Hackney Wick is a quite small part of Hackney and is adjacent to the Olympic Park – you can walk over one of several bridges from Hackney Wick into the Olympic Park and then walk on to Stratford.

Kentish Town is one of the areas of London Borough of Camden and not too long a walk to St Pancras and Kings Cross; not too long, but a considerable confusion of parallel roads down to St Pancras Station.

Hackney Wick near to Hackney Wick London Overground station has some of the most amazingly painted buildings in London. Most of them are some sort of art studio – often communal – activity, though one of the buildings I have photographed is of a book distributor; it is not painted.
Just over the River Lea into the Olympic Park the former International Press centre is being converted into studios for use in the creative arts – so Hackney Wick’s painted art buildings will have a very appropriate neighbour.
I have taken some of the River Lea Navigation – which is in a much bonnier situation nowadays following the Olympics. Over the canal is first the waste plant for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and then various snaps of the Park ending with three photos from the viewing gallery in the John Lewis store at the Westfield shopping centre. This was popular during the Olympics but is pleasantly quiet nowadays.

The walk from Kentish Town West station to St Pancras and Kings Cross never seems to quite follow the map with the confusion of parallel roads down to St Pancras from Kentish Town. It’s an area of a great mixture of buildings including many Victorian terraces, the totally splendid St Pancras Baths – with it’s Men’s First Class and Men’s Second Class entrances, down to the massive new Crick Research Institute next to St Pancras. The building is so big that it is difficult to photograph and it will open later this year.