A Few Saturday Afternoon Snaps – Photos

On Saturday 11 April I had intended to go to take some photos after catching a train from Charing Cross but when I got to Charing Cross I discovered that the station was effectively closed – with no trains until the next Monday, due, I think, to the rebuilding work at London Bridge Station. Feeling rather disgruntled and thinking at first just to return home, I walked across the Strand and caught the first bus in the direction of the City but quickly got off in the Fleet Street bus jam at Shoe Lane and thought I would meander round what might be called the Northern part of the City.

The photos are nothing much more than a few Saturday afternoon snaps, which I have mixed up quite a bit just to make them more interesting.

The two photos of St Sepulchre-without-Newgate Church in Holborn show the main church building and just one view inside which is peopled by musicians preparing sound equipment and their musical instruments for a concert that evening; indeed the church is nicknamed The Musicians Church.

The other church I have photographed is St Bartholomew the Great Church sandwiched between Barts Hospital and the Cloth Fair alleyway. It was difficult to successfully photograph inside because the main lights were off and yet strong light came in through the upper windows providing heavy contrast.

I was lucky to be able to snap the striking gold sculpture by Damien Hirst – on loan to the church by Damien Hirst for the second time. The sculpture is titled Exquisite Pain and is a sculpture of Saint Bartholomew.

One of the photos in the church shows the Tomb of Henry I (and for those who have forgotten their mnemonic verse of the English monarchs) he was the son of William the Conqueror.

There is also a picture of Madonna and Child and this is a modern painting by the Spanish Artist Alfredo Roldan.
The Church is thought to be the second oldest building in London (apart from Roman ruins) after the Tower and it has withstood the Great Fire, the First War Zeppelin raids and the Blitz. It has been subject to many alterations over the years – but alterations which have made it ever more interesting and the Church is much used by film makers.

Apart from the Church, the picture in green with a large modern sculpture and chairs and tables is, I think, a breakout area for one of the offices in that area.

I walked through to the Barbican and took some snaps of some of the new office buildings going up along London Wall and finally walked down to Bishopgate to see that the main core of 100 Bishopgate is now going up (no photo).

I’ll try again for my journey from Charing Cross in the near future!