I have been taking these photographs for five and a half years and have collected nearly 14,000 of them. I have almost certainly taken over 25,000 – but I am rather stringent about the quality of the ones that I keep. This blog has been around for less than five and a half years and on it I show only a very small percentage of the photos that I have shot.

My main interest has been – and continues to be – in the development of London which over this time span has been dramatic and very large scale. Not all of the new architecture is brilliant, not all of it is socially valuable but most of the new architecture has changed London in huge ways. Vast areas have been (and still are) subject to complete re-development. New skyscrapers are springing up everywhere.

There is just one photograph in this Special Edition – of a new speculative development – only 16 stories – next to Old Street Roundabout – nowadays called Silicon Roundabout, because of the huge amount of new high tech companies in that immediate area. It was taken just two days before the Referendum.

White Collar Factory – photo

The building is one that will provide office/workspace for some of these high-tech companies. It will be called The White Collar Factory and of course the developers hope that it will be a success with some of these growing high tech companies. It is not a particularly exciting snap that I have taken, but I have presented it to show my concern that such speculative development, which is reported to be a £200M development, and which is merely one of very many in the city, might rapidly come to an end now that we have foolishly voted to leave the EU.

We shall all be very much poorer when much of such development does stop – and I am sure it will over the next few months. We have been taken over by buffoons, liars and fools who have ignored over 600 of the best economists in the country and we are probably now set for a major slowdown in the development of London.