A Night on the Town – photos

Happy New Year.

This set is perhaps not the most “architectural” of photos. As can be seen from some of the snaps – it was very busy. They were taken during December.

I took some photos of the advertising displays at Piccadilly Circus but decided they were not good enough to show. Later this month they will be switched off and the displays dismantled as they are being replaced by one of the largest single LCD displays anywhere in the World which will wrap right round the building. It will be the autumn before the new lights are working. They have not been switched off for so long since World War II. Indeed, since the War they have been switched off on only two occasions: for Winston Churchill’s funeral and for Princess Diana’s funeral – though they do get switched off for an hour each year in support of the worldwide Earth Hour.

One of the abiding features of the West End – pretty much regardless of the time of day – and like much else of central London, is the volume of traffic. Whilst I accept that much of it is made up of buses, cabs and delivery vehicles, all too much is the number of private cars. The congestion charge worked a treat when it was first introduced, but it needs to be steeply increased to help in the fight against the jams and air pollution. Public transport in London is quite brilliant and we are going to have to accept that cities like London will only work well with traffic reduced to more manageable volumes.

Anyway, next month I shall get back to some photos of some architecture, but in the meantime once again Happy New Year