City of London – Photos
There is a degree of artistic licence (ie not quite strictly true) when I say these photos are from the City of London – some of them are strictly speaking from outside The City – over in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. They are only beyond the City boundary by a short distance and in streets frequented by City workers every single day; in an area subject to rapid change including the onward march of the skyscrapers, which are voraciously welcomed by the Planning Departments of Boroughs such as Tower Hamlets and Hackney which abut onto the City, for the Council Tax income that they bring.
Anyway – they make for some interesting contrasts.

In general what I have shown of the City is some of the new skyscrapers – under construction – and some that are already is use – but also with one or two traditional City views. These are contrasted with the very different type of buildings just over in Spitalfields in Tower Hamlets, with the danger that the skyscrapers will take over the whole area.

I took this set on 2nd January – a day that was part of the extended Christmas/New Year holidays and thus the area was very quiet but for a few tourists, and I was often able to stand safely in the middle of the road to take a snap.

At the moment there are five skyscrapers under construction in the City: 22 Bishopsgate, 100 Bishopsgate, the Scalpel at 52 Lime Street, the Heron Plaza (next door to the Heron Tower – which nowadays is called the Salesforce Tower) and the Principal Tower – a residential tower adjacent to the Eastern end of Broadgate. There are more that have received Planning approval and are thus likely to be on their way. The ‘fun’ part of Spitalfields is likely to be under threat.

Next month’s posting may be a little delayed because I have got some cataracts which are about to be removed – bit of a nuisance really for an amateur photographer – but you dear reader might then just possibly get shown some improved photos…