Crystal Palace & the Money Palace – photos

Apologies for the missing post on 1st June. This was caused what might be described as a surfeit of domesticity. I had to catch up on our allotment – seriously behind schedule because of the very dry Spring. I installed a new PC – always a bigger task than expected. I spent time helping as a labourer my son and daughter in law on house renovations. And finally, we welcomed another granddaughter into the world.

This month is back to some contrasts – between Crystal Palace and what I have called The Money Palace – namely the City. It is interesting to compare them because Crystal Palace is so-called, when after the Great Exhibition of 1851, the exhibition building was transferred from Hyde Park to Sydenham Hill – in what is nowadays the very pleasant Crystal Palace Park. The building burned down in 1936 and all that can be seen now are the terraces which were built to house the transferred building, which are, by the way, Grade II listed.
You will see the Crystal palace TV transmitter on one of my photos and also the backup Croydon transmitter on one of them
The comparison is between a suburb – which housed the building set up to display Britain’s greatest manufacturing wares of the time and the City – which makes vast sums of money from financial services.

The City can be viewed in full breath-taking panorama from Crystal Palace and indeed Crystal Palace is one of the relatively few hilly areas in the whole of Greater London.

Crystal Palace frequently seems to feature on the Channel 4 programme – Location Location Location with people buying an apartment there and loving the area with it’s “bars and restaurants” – and indeed there do seem to be plenty of them.

The City continues to build on a large scale with many skyscrapers on the up. For those who like their buildings with names I see that at long last work has begun on the Can of Ham – a building so called because it resembles one of those cans of ham that used to be popular in the 1950’s and 60’s (do they still do them?).
I have photographed both new and a few older buildings – one of which Holland House, which is just opposite the Gherkin, and like the terraces for the Crystal Place exhibition building is Grade II listed.