(new) City of London – photos

This set is confined to the City of London – except for the Principal Tower which is, strictly speaking, just outside the City boundary and in the London Borough of Hackney.
It tries to show some of the new buildings – mostly skyscrapers – being put up in the City, though one of the snaps – of Tower 42 – does show a skyscraper which was completed in 1981.
I have concentrated on the new buildings of the City to show what I have been trying to illustrate during the last seven years that I have been taking these photos. This has been an attempt at a record of the massive change that has been – and still is – taking place in London in this early part of the 21st Century.
There is one exception that is not a photograph of a new building – the next to last one – which is a photo of the statute commemorating the pre-War Kinder transports. I felt since I was photographing on the day before Holocaust Memorial Day 2018, it was right and proper to include it.

My point about my attempt to record the changes taking place in London over the last seven years brings me to a second matter of some importance. It is now time for me to start and find a home for all these snaps. I have some 16,000 of them and I must have ‘pressed the button’ on my camera(s) at least 30,000 and maybe 40,000 times – the difference I have thrown away. I want to find a home for them – not for their photographic quality – but for their record. I hope that one day they may be of interest to others.

The fact also is that I am not quite as young as I was when I started – so that very large scale traipsing about London is to say the least a bit slower for me than it was when I started. For example, I at one time found no difficulty in walking along the river path from the O2 to Waterloo (about nine miles) – but only this week my legs got somewhat tired at the walk from London Bridge Station to Waterloo.

For this reason and to put my efforts into finding a permanent home for my snaps, I will now be reducing my ‘monthly’ blog and photos to ‘occasional’ – publishing when there is something that I want to publish.