I have now been taking my London building and architecture photographs for some seven years. I have walked many miles about London – I think maybe several hundred miles – in that time.
I took some 30,000 photos and have kept some 16,000 of them. I have tried to take photos from as wide a geographical area of London as possible – though, not surprisingly, I have taken more in central areas, because they are more interesting, than any outer suburbs. My collection of them is kept filed by London Borough – of which there are 32, plus the City.

My main interest has been in the massive changes that have been, and still are, taking place in the built environment of London. It is on such a large scale that certain areas of London are already almost unrecognisable from twenty years ago.

My collection has now been accepted by the London Metropolitan Archives – which is owned and funded by the City of London, and I have formally gifted the collection to them. They will be added to a collection of some 250,000 photographs.

The Archives can be found in Northampton Street in Clerkenwell – not that far from the giant Mount Pleasant Royal Mail sorting office or Saddlers Wells Opera.

It will take some time before my set of 16,000 is uploaded onto their collection – so don’t expect to log-in to the Archives or go along there and try and find my set right away.

My Flickr pages – which have been linked from this blog – will slowly be removed. The Copyright on the photographs now belongs to the Metropolitan Archives.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at them and that in the future they will be of some help to others, so this may well be my last blog.

On the other hand, I have just acquired an old fogey’s Railcard so maybe one or two other places are ripe for photographic treatment….