Brighton: North Laines area – photos

Here are a few snaps of the North Laines area in Brighton. It is an area of interesting shops including various artistic and antique shops. Very busy, with lots of tourists.

I have taken photos mostly of individual shops – but some of the street scene, including some of the housing streets of the North Laines.

With there being, of course, much discussion about ’empty High Streets’ at the moment – and many of these being sadly too clear for all to view, it is interesting to see how well the North Laines in Brighton fare. It is true that there are many tourists – but tourists all too often spend on such small items as an ice cream or a small gift or other – and spend their time viewing without buying from the many interesting shops. There must be other factors at work that make it such a successful area – and the local Council tax charges and rents must be sufficiently low as to make a contribution of significance to the area? There is also significant encouragement from the local authority to designs and decorations of shops – which is some areas would require months of Planning Authority input.

Whilst many towns and cities have none of the tourist draw of a place like Brighton, area like the Laines in Brighton must have some lessons for the many High Streets that are currently facing difficulty.