This Blog is about London architecture and buildings and London developments and is published on 1st monthly

As londonfarwide I aim to walk or use public transport to photograph a wide variety of areas of London from rich to poor, from suburbs to city centre and show some of the contrasts of London areas.

My blog links to my latest album of photographs on Flickr.

Recently somebody asked me about a particular location and whether I had photographed it. I had, as it turned out – but it reminded me that I had quite a few albums of London photos published on Flickr before I started this blog.
So, I decided to produce a list of links to those older albums – that are on Flickr – but there is no blog publication for them.
They are general photos of London – except for one or two albums such as that of Richmond Shops which have a specific subject.
Here’s the list with links to the Flickr Albums:

London 10
London 11
London 12
London 20
London 21
Richmond Shops
London Borough of Hounslow
Easter 2013
April 2013
May 2013
Boat Trip

I now have well over 11,000 of these London photographs and I must have “pushed the button” on my camera well over 12,000 times – taken initially on a Canon EOS 500D, then a Canon EOS 600D and now a Canon EOS 70D. They have been taken since early 2011. Published on Flickr are just over 900 – so not much more than 7% of the snaps I have taken!

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